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Cylindrical Lens

A cylindrical lens is designed to focus light into a line with its curved face. The faces of the lens are its different sections that focus the image into a line parallel to the intersection and a plane tangent to it. The lens carefully compresses the image in the direction perpendicular to this line. It leaves it unaltered in the direction parallel to the tangent plane. This cylindrical lens is kept in front of the illumination object to produce the light sheet that is further used in imaging.

This cylindrical lens is designed for a range of applications that need one-dimensional shaping and direction of the light source. It is available in plano-concave or plano-convex configurations that are designed for expanding or focusing light. This offered cylindrical lens is available in uncoated or anti reflection coated materials to ensure to provide the best performance.

Features Of Cylindrical Lens:

1) Available with differing radii in the X as well as Y axes.
2) Image magnification is done only at a single axis.
3) Widely used to adjust image height size or as laser line generators.
4) Ideal for astigmatism in imaging systems.
Plano convex cylindrical lens
Plano convex cylindrical lens
  • Material:Optical glass, fused silica
  • Dimension:1 - 500mm
  • Dimension Tolerance:+ / - 0.02mm
  • Centration: 3 arc minutes
  • Wedge:< 5 mrad
  • Surface Quality: Up to 10-5
  • Surface Accuracy:X -Lambda/2, Y Lambda/4
  • Clear Aperture:> 90%
  • Coating:According to the requirement 
Plano Concave Cylindrical Lens
Plano Concave Cylindrical Lens
  • Material:BK7, UV FS
  • Surface Quality:40-20 scratch & dig (MIL-PRF-13830B)
  • Clear Aperture:90% of the diameter
  • Size Tolerance:±0.5 mm
  • Thickness tolerance:±0.5 mm
  • Surface irregularity:1 λ @ 633 nm
  • Paraxial focal length:BK7:±2% @ 546 nm
    UV FS:±2% @ 355 nm

Achromatic cylindrical lens
Achromatic cylindrical lens
  • Material:Pyrex glass, fused silica or other materials
  • Diameter:8-350mm
  • Diameter Tolerance:+0/-0.2mm
  • Focal length:+/-1%
  • Center thickness:+/-0.3mm
  • Centration:3 arc minutes
  • Surface Quality:60-40
  • Surface Accuracy:PV 30-40 micron
  • Coating:With or without AR coating
Spherical Cylindrical Lens
Spherical Cylindrical Lens
  • Material:BK7, grade A fine annealed
  • Surface:S1:cylindrical surface,S2:spherical surface  Surface quality:40-20 scratch and dig
  • Centering Tolerance:< 5 arc min
  • Coating:S1 and S2 AR coated at 1440nm,R abs < 1% @ 1440nm

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