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Experience The Difference With the Finest Quality Of Our High Precision Optical Components Made By Optical Glass, Float Glass, Fused Silica, IR Material, Crystal and And Many More...

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About Us

Existing in the market for more than eight years, we, West Coast Tech Limited, are looked upon as a symbol of trust and loyalty. As a manufacturer, we offer people quality range of optical components and lenses. Some of the products include includes Sapphire Lens, Rhomboid Prism, Double Concave Lens, Cylindrical Lens, etc. We aim to deliver top quality products to our clients at their doorstep within the time period specified by them. Variety of products are rendered by us to fulfill all the demands of our buyers related to lenses and optical components.

Most Popular Products
Beamsplitter Plate
  • Material:Bk7, Grade A Fine Annealed
  • Tolerance:+/-0.10mm
  • Parallelism:3 Minutes
  • Surface Quality:60-40 Scratch And Dig
  • Flatness:Lambda/4
  • Coating:Beamsplitter Coating On One Surface And Ar Coating On The Other
Sapphire Window
  • Material:Single crystal sapphire
  • Orientation:C-axis, A-plane, M-axis, Random
  • Dimension:2-300mm +/-0.05mm
  • Thickness:0-50mm +/-0.05mm
  • Parallelism:Up to 5 arc seconds
  • Surface quality:Up to 10 - 5
  • Flatness:Lambda/8 per inch
  • Clear Aperture:Central 90% of diameter  
  • Coating:Upon request

Wedge Prism
  • Material:BK7, grade A fine annealed
  • Dimension:+/
  • Angle Tolerance:+/-1'
  • Surface Quality:60-40 S/D
  • Flatness:lambda/4
  • Coating:Upon Request

Polarizing Cube Beam Splitter
  • Design wavelength:632.8nm
  • Clear aperture:90%
  • Dimension tolerance:+/-0.1mm
  • Angle Tolerance:+/- 3 arc minutes
  • Surface Quality:60-40
  • Surface Accuracy:lambda/4
  • AR coating:R < 0.25% per surface @ 632.8nm
  • Transmission:Tp > 95% @ 632.8nm
  • Reflection:Rs > 99.5% @ 632.8nm
  • Extinction Ratio:Tp / Ts > 100: 1 @ 632.80nm
  • Bevel:0.3mm x 45 deg
Sapphire Prism
  • Angle Tolerance:+/- 3 arc seconds
  • Dimension tolerance:±0.2mm
  • Focal length tolerance:±0.5%
  • Apex angle tolerance:±2 arcmin
  • Thickness tolerance:±0.2mm
  • Design wavelength:780 nm
  • Parallelism:+/-3'
  • Surface Quality:40/20
  • Surface Accuracy:1/4 lambda
  • Clear Aperture:≥90%

Double concave lens
Double concave lens