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Beamsplitter is an optical component widely used to split the incident light into two separate beams at a designated ratio. This is developed from high grade glass materials having laser grade surface flatness. It comes with high surface quality for tighter tolerance. It is widely used to join two different beams into a single one. It is designed to offer general purpose laser beamsplitting as well as merging visible through near infrared usages.
It is available in two types as per their construction such as cube or plate. Cube beamsplitter is available in polarizing as well as non-polarizing models. On the other hand, the plate beamsplitter is available with a coated front surface to determine the beam splitting ratio as the back surface is wedged as well as AR coated for minimizing the ghosting along with interference effects.
Features of Beamsplitter:
  • Provides excellent wave front transmission property
  • Ensure to remove beam offset and ghosting
  • Highly compatible with different lens tube and cage systems
  • Highly valuable to be used for combining laser beams of different colors
Beamsplitter Plate
Beamsplitter Plate
  • Material:Bk7, Grade A Fine Annealed
  • Tolerance:+/-0.10mm
  • Parallelism:3 Minutes
  • Surface Quality:60-40 Scratch And Dig
  • Flatness:Lambda/4
  • Coating:Beamsplitter Coating On One Surface And Ar Coating On The Other
Polarizing Cube Beam Splitter
Polarizing Cube Beam Splitter
Material:BK7, grade A fine annealed
Design wavelength:632.8nm
Clear aperture:90%
Dimension tolerance:+/-0.1mm
Angle Tolerance:+/- 3 arc minutes
Surface Quality:60-40
Surface Accuracy:lambda/4
AR coating:R < 0.25% per surface @ 632.8nm
Transmission:Tp > 95% @ 632.8nm
Reflection:Rs > 99.5% @ 632.8nm
Extinction Ratio:Tp / Ts > 100: 1 @ 632.80nm
Bevel:0.3mm x 45 deg
Non-Polarizing Cube Beamsplitter
Non-Polarizing Cube Beamsplitter
  • Material:BK7
  • Dimension Tolerance:+/-0.10mm
  • Angle Tolerance:+/- 3 minutes
  • Surface Quality:60-40
  • Surface Accuracy:1 lambda