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We are manufacturer of precision optical windows that are made from two flat polished surfaces. Custom fabrication can also be done by us, wherein the surfaces used are optically transparent. In all, there are 4 types of optical windows available that are Anti-Reflective (AR) Windows, Infrared (IR) Windows, Ultraviolet (UV) Windows and Visible Windows. These are manufactured using a double-sided process, which is extremely beneficial in yielding outstanding parallelism and transmitted wavefront. We use double-sided grinding and polishing machines to make these precision optical windows in different shapes, sizes and substrates. In line with this, these are used in biomedical and industrial purposes. Apart from this, the windows also find use in infrared and defense applications.

Optical Window Applications: These window permit passing of optical radiation from one environment to other alongside blocking all other elements, hence avoiding the mix. Also, it does not makes any alteration in the beam's wavelength distribution.

Their application areas are: Debris Shields, Instrument Windows, Laser Line Windows, Protective Windows, Sight Windows, Turret Windows, Vacuum Windows, Viewing Windows.
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Brewster Window

  • Delivery Time:15 Days
  • Supply Ability:100000 Per Week
  • Size:according to customer spec. or drawing
  • Material:optical glass
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Optical Windows

  • Material: N-BK7, fused silica
  • Diameter: +/-0.2mm
  • Clear aperture: > central 90% of diameter
  • Thickness: +/-0.1mm
  • Parallelism: < 3 arc minutes
  • Surface quality: 60-40
  • Flatness: Lambda/4 @632.8nm
  • Coating: With or without AR coating
  • Bevel: Protective bevel


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