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Mirror has a flat or planar reflective surface. It creates images of objects kept in front of it. It works on the principle of creating images in behind the plane. It produces virtual and upright images of the same shape as well as size as the object. Its optical power is zero and focal length is infinity. It is designed to be used in a variety of applications from beam steering, lab or OEM integration, folding to interferometry. In addition to this, it is also used within imaging systems as optical component. As surface flatness is a dimension of the surfaces roughness, high surface flatness reduces the light lost quality through dispersion.

It is provided in standard metallic mirror coatings using different materials from Gold, Silver, Aluminum, or Dielectric. It is also available with Fused Silica or other substrates to make it ideal to be used at the places where temperature fluctuation is the point.

Features of Mirror:

1) Available with different reflection coating options from gold, silver to aluminum.
2) Ensure enhanced durability and strength with a protective layer of dielectric overcoat.
3) Designed in different surface flatness from /4 to /20.
4) Available in standard or precision design in varied surface flatness, substrates, sizes, and other parameters.
Product Image (33)

Front surface mirror

  • Substrate: Float glass
  • Size: 1-1000mm, upon request
  • Thickness: 0.5/0.7/1.1/1.25/1.9/2.0/3.0/4.0/5.0/6.0mm
  • Shape: round or rectangular
  • Surface quality:   60-40 scratch and dig

Product Image (35)

Plano Concave Mirror

  • Substrate: optical glass, fused silica
  • Focal length:    +/-2%
  • Diameter: +0/-0.2mm
  • Clear aperture: >90% diameter
  • Thickness: +/-0.10mm
  • Surface quality: 60-40 scratch and dig
  • Surface accuracy: /4@632.8nm
  • Coating: Metallic or dielectric high reflection coating
  • Back surface:Fine ground
  • Bevel: 0.2-0.3mm x 45

Product Image (36)

Cylindrical Mirror

  • Material: BK7, Grade A fine annealed
  • Dimension: +/- 0.10mm
  • Radius: +/- 1%
  • Surface roughness: <1.00nm (RMS)
  • Optical face: super finished
  • Coating: Al+protection layer (MgF2) transparent to UV
  • Reflectivity: R>50%@120-200nm, R>70%@200-850nm
  • AOI: Angle of incidence 45

Product Image (37)

Off-Axis Parabolic Mirror

  • Material: Zerodur
  • Diameter: +0/-0.1mm
  • Clear aperture: >90% of diameter
  • Focal length: +/-1%
  • Surface roughness: <100 Angstroms RMS
  • Surface accuracy: /63.3 RMS over C.A.
  • Surface quality: 40-20 scratch and dig
  • Coating: Al + SiO
  • Bevel: 0.5mm x 45

Product Image (32)

Flat Mirror

  • Substrate:Fused silica or Pyrex
  • Diameter:+0/-0.1 mm
  • Clear aperture:>90% of diameter
  • Thickness:+/-0.2 mm
  • Parallelism:< 3 arc minutes
  • Surface quality:  40-20 S/D - front surface
  • Flatness:/10@633nm - front surface
  • Back surface:Fine ground
  • Coating:metallic Or dielectric high reflection coating
  • Bevel:0.2mm x 45

Product Image (34)

Elliptical Mirror

  • Substrate:    Fused silica or Pyrex  
  • Dimension:    +0/-0.1 mm
  • Clear aperture:    >90% of dimension
  • Thickness: +/-0.2 mm
  • Parallelism: < 3 arc minutes
  • Flatness:    /4@633nm (front surface)
  • Surface quality:    40-20 S/D (front surface)
  • Back surface: Fine ground
  • Coating: Metallic or dielectric high reflection coating
  • Bevel: 0.2mm x 45


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