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Company Profile

West Coast Tech Limited is a leading optical brand of Fuzhou (Fujian, China) which is dedicated to design, develop and distribute highly precised optical elements & systems worldwide. The company was established in the year 2008 in Fuzhou and Taining, Fujian Province. The principal majorly dealing in Applied Optics, has been indulged in the optical industry since 1998.

Product Range

We, West Coast Tech Limited are providing a wide range of optical elements used in IR, UV and VIS spectral products such as prism, spherical lens, cylindrical lens, aspherical lens, beam-splitter, filter, wave plate, dome lens, mirror, window, etc. Additionally, we are also providing customized Lenses like IR Lens, Beam Expander, and Medical Lens. Our extended gamut include:

  • Window
    • Optical Glass
    • Fused Silica
    • IR Material
  • Lens
    • Plano Convex Lens
    • Wedge Prism
    • Double Convex Lens
    • Double Concave Lens
    • Meniscus Lens
    • Achromatic Lens
    • Cylindrical Lens
    • Aspherical Lens
    • Spherical ens
    • IR Lens
    • Medical Lens
  • Prism
    • Wedge Prism
    • Right Angle Prism
    • Penta Prism
    • Corner Cube Prism
    • Roof Prism
    • Dove Prism
    • Rhomboid Prism
  • Waveplate
    • Low Order Waveplate
    • Zero Order Waveplate
    • True Zero Order Waveplate
  • Dome
    • Optical Glass
    • Fused Silica
    • IR material
  • Mirror
    • Metallic Coating
    • Dielectric Coating
  • Beam Splitter
    • Plate Beam Splitter
    • Polarizing Beam Splitter Cube
    • Non-Polarization Beam Splitter
  • Filter
    • Laser Line Interface Filter
    • Bandpass Filter
    • Long Pass Filter
    • Short Pass Filter
    • ND Filter Filter
    • Colored Glass Filter
  • Reticle
    • Flat or Spherical
  • Panoramic Optics
    • Panoramic Optics
    • Front Surface Mirror
  • Micro Optics
    • FAC Lens
    • SAC Lens
    • Micro Right Angle Prism
  • Sapphire Optics
    • Sapphire Windows
    • Metalized Window
    • Sapphire Prisms
    • Sapphire Lenses
    • Sapphire Rod
  • Beam Expander

We are always ready to enter into new business and extend the existing one so to provide our customers with more options.


We have in-house facility for curve generating, grinding, polishing, cutting, edging, centering, coating, cementing and assembly. Due to our sound production facility, we can fulfill orders from prototype to mass production.


We are fully aware about ISO 10110, US Military and DIN standards thus, manufacture our products in accordance to these standards. Testing equipment which we utilize for examining the end products are collimator, spectrometer, goniometer, centering device, interferometer, spectrophotometer, etc. All the factors like advance equipment, rich industrial experience, qualitative yet affordable products and professional staff members enabled us in gaining a preferable position in the market.

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