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Ball Lens

Ball lens is a great optical component developed to enhance the signal coupling among detectors, fibers and emitters. This lens is designed using a single substrate of glass to focus or collimate light according to the input sources geometry. It is widely used in ball pre-forms for aspheric lenses, imaging optics systems, endoscopy, projection optics systems, bar code scanning, astronomical optics, sensors and other applications. It is available with higher spericity of more than 0.6m with uniformly and precisely ground design. In addition, it is available with outstanding surface roughness to ensure to provide accurate and required results.

This is designed from BK7 Grade A Optical Glass having dimension tolerance is 0.002mm. The sphericity of the lens is up to 0.6m. In addition, this lens is available in different coatings available in varied specifications provided by the users.

Features of Ball Lens:

1) Spherical lenses widely used to couple light in and out.
2) Available with outstanding UV and IR transmission in the ranges between 185nm to 2000+nm.
3) Provided in alternative materials and diameters.
4) Ideal to be used in fibre coupling applications, endoscopy, laser measurement systems, etc.
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Half Ball Lens

  • Type:Half-Ball Lens
  • Center Thickness Tolerance (mm):0.05
  • Coating:Uncoated
  • Diameter Tolerance (m):5.0

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Ball Lens

  • Material:N-BK7, fused silica, sapphire, ruby, Ge, ZnS, ZnSe...
  • Diameter: 0.003mm
  • Sphericity:0.001mm
  • Surface quality:20-10 scratch and dig
  • Transmission:> 92%
  • Coating:Un-coated


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